We are your one stop greenhouse for all plant material.

We are premier growers of quality plugs and liners, bedding plants, perennials, garden mums, poinsettias, Easter lilies, foliage and blooming plants.

Bergen's Fun Facts

  • We grow over 200 different varieties of petunia.
  • We sow over 8 million seeds for spring annuals & veggies.
  • We grow over 100 varieties of perennials.
  • We start planting poinsettia cuttings in July.
  • We stick over 1.35 million garden mum cuttings for fall.
  • If you line all the trays of packs we preoduce end-to-end it stretched over 150 miles.
"We're growing places. That's a pledge we take to heart, and it's the way we've worked since 1921."

Growing Facilities

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